Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tools of the trade

Some of you may be wondering what products I use for sewing and embroidery, so here they are.
This is my sewing machine. I absolutely love products made by Brother. This is the PC-420 project Runway limited edition model. It is on the floor for my use because of having to watch the little people while I'm sewing. 
This is my embroidery machine...also, of course, made by Brother. It is the 770 model. I love this machine and it does up to a 5x7 Hoop size. That's my poor little embroidery table. Feel sorry for me. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OH NO! I don't have a pumpkin stencil!

We all love to carve pumpkins, don't we? Okay...well maybe not. Carving pumpkins is only fun AFTER someone else takes all the guts from the pumpkin. Like when you make your kids do it....
And then you get to have all the fun carving and blame it on the fact that they are too young to handle weaponry.
This was a really fun day for all of us. We let the boys pick out what they wanted to have carved on their pumpkins, and Daddy cut them out for us. We didn't go to the store and pay too much for pumpkin stencils...that's dumb. Sorry. It's just not smart. Print them off your computer. You can actually print anything off...and it goes on to paper. It's really weird. Ink. Weird.

Anyways...so we looked on the computer for what designs we wanted and I copied them by hand, haha...I don't have a printer. Or ink. ;) Then we used tape, any kind of tape will do...as long as it sticks to the pumpkin. You may have to measure down the paper a little bit to fit the curves. Then use an ice pick, or anything with a pointed end, and jab it into the paper following the pattern. This will serve as directions on where you will be cutting out. Space the pointed pricks out a little bit, there isn't any need to make a thousand of these puppies. Once you are done poking holes you can use a knife to cut out the pattern. Good deal!
If you want to go with a unique look, use your husband's drill to make holes in your pumpkin. Pick your size drill bit, and get to work.

Happy Carving!