Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jingle Bells

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? It still feels that at this time of the year - everyone most people are happy and loving...except on Black Friday and then you have to watch your back. Christmas crafts are fun, especially while listening to a little Pandora Christmas. Today, with the help of my wonderful Mother, we created re-created (we saw it in a magazine for like a million dollars) this little beauty:

Here is the how to:

Take your iron and steam the burlap so that it's not all wrinkled up. Then take it over to your cutting mat, or carpet area, and cut the fabric 14x28 - this is the exact measurement of the pillow insert. We had cut some previously so we just used that to guide us. You will need to cut 2 pieces (you can do both the same fabric or add a different fabric). 

Using the Silhouette Cameo, I created and cut the word "Jingle" out on some vinyl (I don't have the fabric kit that silhouette offers or I would have used probably would have been a lot easier too). You don't have to use a silhouette, although they are amazing and I love mine, you can use a stencil you have or make one yourself. Weed out the letters in the word so that negative space is there and then apply your transfer paper. 

This step is CRUCIAL! GET IT STRAIGHT! Otherwise you will have a weird looking pillow. Take your transfer paper and measure, measure, measure. 

This is how it should look when you get the transfer paper off and it is just the adhesive vinyl. You are now ready for the fun part...PAINT! 

Take a sponge and dab paint, little by little. For this project, since I don't have the Silhouette fabric ink kit, I used Speedball screen printing paint from Hobby Lobby. It is really hard to let it dry a little because you are so excited to see what you just created...but just wait - like at least 4 minutes. 

We used little sleigh bells to accent the pillow. You can use as many or as little as you like, but now is the time to add them. Next you need to sew the fabric right sides together making sure to leave quite a bit of space to get your pillow insert in. After adding the pillow insert you will want to do a blind stitch to close the pillow up. You are finished and now have a wonderful Holiday pillow! 


  1. This is so cute! Where do I get the machine?

  2. You will not regret getting one! You can purchase it at Silhouette America -

  3. Which font did you use? Since I too, refuse to pay what they are asking for it, I was wanting to re-create this pillow myself.

  4. It's adorable and it turned out really nice. I used Hansa Gotisch from the Dafont page. This is the link

    Would love to see it after you have finished!

  5. Thank you! I will post as soon as I get it made.