Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Naughty is the New Nice Christmas Onesie

None of my children need this shirt because they are fantastically sweet to the's pretty much Mayberry here at our home - lol. My oldest daughter, Miranda, is in definite need of this shirt but all I had on hand was something for the little one - who is equally naughty. This shirt is definitely something you need (most likely all children under the age of 5 need this shirt, sorry Moms that have those wonderfully angelic children who never as much as spill milk), and it was too super easy to make.

The "naughty" was done in Silhouette Studio using the AR Christy font - I thought it was perfect for this. The "is the new" was done in the AR Bonnie, and the "Nice" was Aharoni. I used glitter heat adhesive vinyl for all three. On the middle part of the shirt I just subtracted the letters to offset everything and give it a different look than just straight words on a shirt. Always remember when working with heat vinyl that you mirror your image - otherwise the words will be backwards. Have fun! 

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