Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Decorating Pumpkins with Vinyl

I love to carve pumpkins, but when you do it too early then all you have on Halloween night is a rotted corpse of a pumpkin and nobody ringing your doorbell for candy. So, with that being said...I decided that I would fix up one of my pumpkins with a little vinyl.

After I put the vinyl "H" on, I decided I wanted to spruce it up with spiders and a cobweb...well I had to go with white glitter because there was no black in the double sided adhesive kit I got from the Silhouette store. For the spider and the cobweb I used the double adhesive paper - so that allowed me to add glitter to the top. I think that this project turned out alright...it's not my favorite, but it is definitely something to set out on the porch. Oh...and my dog chewed the stem of my pumpkin for me...how nice. 
Prior to the glitter and dog chewing. 

My girls at the patch. 

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